“Louisiana´s First & Only For Purpose 501 (c)(3)
AND Full Open Contribution Studio!”

Our Class Schedule


Beginner/All Level Vinyasa Flow
Mondays – 8am, Wednesdays – 9am
NOTE:  Studio Closing – Final Class 12/20 @ 9am

Mission Statement

AOL is the first and only 501(c)(3) and open contribution yoga studio in Louisiana. AOL offers a kindness community where those craving freedom can have deep roots and enjoy full Self expression, without letting money be a factor.  Our services nurture individuals of all ages and abilities through kindness based classes, family friendly programs and innovative technologies for the Soul.  We aim to financially and emotionally support our teachers so their life’s work can be their livelihood.  We intend to support our operations and community outreach programs with the generous support of our patrons.

Contribution Classes

We are all Ambassadors of the Divine Light that shines within each of us, and we invite you to shine your light and support us as Louisiana’s only 501(c)(3) For Purpose AND only Full Open Contribution Yoga Studio! That means we want to support you in whatever way we can so you can touch your inner light and shine it forth to the world. We also want to bring yoga, meditation and other integrative healing practices to children, battered women/single moms, our veterans as well as our aging population to serve our underprivileged communities and bring some light where there may be difficulties and darkness. This is a community-wide effort, from the studio, from the teachers, and from our members.


Monday 9am Beginner Flow Class now at 8am.
Our Class Schedule:  Mondays – 8am & 6pm, Wednesdays – 9am & 6pm.

  • Lori White will be teaching Sunday 5pm Yin for the Month of November.
  • Family Yoga Classes are cancelled through December for the Holiday Season.Classes will resume January 2017.
  • Thanksgiving Kids’ Yoga Camp is on the schedule! Enroll from the events page!
  • The “Exploring Past Lives in the Present Moment” workshophas been cancelled. See our full schedule for all class offerings and events! Namaste

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