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March 4, 2016
Yoga Nidra Flyer April 2016

Subconscious Breakthrough and the Gypsy Within

The lessons of our past, our pains and the opportunities that is our potential is often a stunning, humbling process.  And often times, it is hard […]
February 26, 2016

Love & Loss. Grief & Wisdom

Love, Loss, Grief, Wisdom & Living Happy Phi’s Share: In the month of love, grief came for a visit.  An uncle’s passing triggered deeper grief with […]
January 22, 2016

Wisdom Is Felt In Sensations

By: Leslie Lamartiniere There is nothing in this world like a good” Ah -ha” moment. When something is said at just the right moment and you […]
December 10, 2015
Janina 2015-yoga pic copy

Janina Martinez

Yoga is….essential to feeling my best. How did you discover yoga? Approximately nine years ago, yoga classes were being offered at my workplace, and a coworker […]