PlaYoga Camps

PlaYoga Kids’ Camps are child centered and allow each child to honor and grow their individual light in a safe and love filled environment. Campers learn life long skills to stay healthy and manage stress all while building confidence, fostering their unique creativity, and having tons of fun! Camp activities include: daily yoga and meditation times, movement explorations and games, dance and music, arts and crafts, group projects, free choice times, and more!

We now offer enrollment for two age groups! Ages 5-8 and 9-12 enroll in separate groups so we can tailor their camp experience just for them.

5-Day Daily Camp Schedule

Days 1-4:    8a – 5p
Day 5:           8a – 2p w/ 2pm demonstration
Lunch is at Noon everyday
*Free Early and Aftercare 30 minutes before and after camp*

Spring Break Camp 2017

Registration $20 per child

5-day – $195 per child
Daily  – $45 per child
1/2 Day – Call for waiting list ($25/day)

April 17 – 21  “Love to Grow On”

Summer Camps 2017

Registration $40 per child (includes T-Shirt)

5-day $195 per child
Daily and 1/2 Day – Call for Waiting List ($45/daily or $25/half-day)

Week 1: June 5 – 9  “Earth Yoga”

Week 2: June 12 – 16  “Powerful Chakras”

Week 3: July 24 – 28 “Yoga of Sound”


Camps are Facilitated by
Love Move Breathe
with Kinsey Anderson


How to Enroll:

1) Complete and email us the completed registration form found here: Camp Registration Form. *If you have previously registered your child/children, you may complete just the last two pages, and return.
2) Log In/Create your parent MindBody Account.
3) Select the Online Store Tab.
4) Select Account Payments under this tab.
5) Select your desired camp registration item from the drop down menu, and click “Make Purchase.” This item has now been added to your cart.
6) Next to “CHECK OUT”, select “Continue Shopping.”
7) Select your desired camp session(s) from the drop down menu, and click “Make Purchase.” This item has now been added to your cart.
8) Adjust the quantities of your items to match the number of children you are registering, and click “CHECK OUT.” Follow the on screen instructions to complete your purchase.