Praise & Giving Back

What has been your experience practicing at Agame Yoga & Meditation Center?


  • “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” ~Robert Seeman
  • “It is the perfect antidote to the driven, goal-oriented society we live in, and that I especially experience as a lawyer. To leave expectation and perfectionism at the door and to learn to accept where we are–today only–has been my experience and my gift to myself.” Catherine Van Hook
  • “I can’t say enough about how positive my experience at Agame has been….I knew from day 1 that this place was special. I feel like I get a full yoga experience that nourishes both the body and the mind.” ~Luis Castillo
  • “I’ve searched for so long for guidance and answers to life. I figured my purpose was just to ‘search’ and didn’t really expect to find out anything. Through practicing at Agame, I am discovering the person I’ve always pictured myself as and strived to be. I’ve truly felt a shift in my life. Through my new experiences of yoga, and Yoga Nidra, I’ve found PEACE.” ~Leslie LaMartiniere
  • “It’s just such a nice place to hang out. I love the atmosphere that Phi has created. I’ll say right now that I’m sure I’ll be practicing there for the next 49 years, so y’all can go ahead and plan on coming to my 100th birthday party and we can have a little celebration there.” ~Albert Pellissier
  • “It’s like a ‘free zone’… It’s a place of total freedom and acceptance. The instructors are all great – carefully non-obtrusive while quietly coaching and supporting us toward improvement.” ~Karen Denby
  • “I like the sense of community in recognition, too. I really appreciate that the only requirement is to show up and be totally present for whatever class you go to, and whatever you manage to do is fine. All the instructors are really patient.” ~Ned Denby
  • “I’ve had the pleasure to meet and practice with amazing professors that make the experience extremely enjoyable. I am amazed with all the things I have learned thus far and the way my professors have inspired me to become a healthier, calmer and happier person.” ~Carolina Rodriguez
  • “Agame has provided an excellent environment to learn and practice yoga. Each instructor has a unique approach and offers something different in teaching; as a new yoga student, I love the variety of classes and teaching styles.” ~James Coates
  • “Agame is a place where I always feel welcome. All the instructors and staff are warm, friendly, and sojourners on the road to peace.” ~Deanna Rice
  • “The teachers who are so devoted to sharing their experience with us have really made a big difference my life. Yoga is such a transformative medium and I hope that others will be open to trying it. I know that if they do, they will experience new depths of “peace and joy” in their lives.” ~Jordan Goldson
  • “It has been a life changing experience. It truly is my favorite thing that I am doing today for myself. I schedule my day around class. The staff and other students are an inspiration to continue with this practice. The great part is that I know this is just the beginning – another part of my journey. I am so happy to be a member of the Agame Yoga and Meditation Center – it has given me a new self awareness. What an awesome life.” ~Brian Sanford
  • “I have experienced acceptance, love and devotion while practicing at Agame Yoga and Meditation Center.” ~Trace McManus
  • “My experience with Agame has been very uplifting and positive. It is a sanctuary for the spiritual and place of easy connections. Each class is a new learning experience. I’ve met some amazing people who have helped me greatly in my journey. I had the opportunity to take part in workshops and events that have helped and enriched my day-to-day life. Agame is an inviting and an engaging community that continues to grow everyday. With the constant presence of Phi and Deb, Agame is a haven for desperate housewives like me!!!” ~Deepa Deepak
  • Agame has been an oasis away from the stress of daily life. When I walk in the door, there’s ALWAYS a friendly face welcoming me and inviting me to practice. I’m grateful for the relaionships I have formed with people at the studio. I have had the pleasure of meeing incredible yogis who also want to discover ‘a different kind of happy.’ I have no doubt in my mind that my time at Agame has made me a fuller, brighter person.” ~Lily Mejia

 Spreading Love in Baton Rouge & Giving Back

“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”  Mother Teresa

From our own little corner of Baton Rouge, we hope to give back in some small way as gratitude for life’s blessings.  “We” consist of a small number of teachers and an even smaller front desk staff, whose lives have been transformed, in some way, by the beautiful practice of yoga, meditation, connection, and healing.  “We” also consist of our super dedicated and amazing community of students who show up regularly on their mat to practice their own awesome transformation.  Without their presence and financial support, “we” would not be here.

Our purpose is simple, to share love from deep gratitude, an interesting business model that feels at home in the heart.  So our “small thing we can offer with great love” is first serving our local community through our donation based classes.  We currently have 14 on our schedule.  We hope to make every class a donation based class soon!  And as the generous support of our community grows, we will extend our love and gratitude to more projects to come.

From our little corner of Baton Rouge, we can “be the change we wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).  Namaste.

Psst…anyone want to build a school in a developing country?  provide a drinking well to those without water?  empower women and children to know and experience possibilities?  If you have great love to share, let us know!