About Yoga & Meditation

Mind Body | Physical & Mental Inner Connection

Yoga is a mind body discipline offering immense physical, mental, and emotional benefits. There is no flexibility needed to start! The yoga postures, breathing techniques, and centering practices are tools to help the physical body gain strength and  flexibility, and to release stress and tension. Ultimately, as you travel the path of yoga, you realize that the yoga postures are simply tools for inner connection, an opportunity to explore the inner anatomy of your body, mind, and soul, from moment to moment. Allow your posture practice to be a curious unfolding of how your mind naturally reacts to challenges, both physical and mental, that come up as you engage on the mat. Then use the tools and skills yoga offers to overcome those challenges little by little so you can expand yourself to your fullest potential!


About Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra, literally translated as yogic sleep, is a passive form of guided meditation that anyone can do! It’s as simple as 1-2-3! (1.) lie down; (2.) get comfortable; (3.) close your eyes. Through simple stretching, breathing techniques, visualizations, affirmations and the use of directed intentions, you will be able to bypass your busy thinking mind and be connected with your powerful subconscious to release pre-programmed, reactive patterns that create stress and conflict in your life. A single Yoga Nidra experience is equivalent to about 4 hours of sleep! Let us help you RELAX, RELEASE and RENEW.

About Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful process of creating peace within. Through concentration or simply learning to be the witness to your thoughts, your breath, or the things that go on within you or around you, you can activate a path of inner healing which will transfer to your outer life. Meditation is a metaphor for life; it teaches you to stand in your peace while the fluctuations of life pass. It is a practice of training the mind, releasing past and future. Meditation takes you into the now. With this realization the battle between opposing, dualistic thoughts ceases and we are brought into a place of acceptance, knowing that there is nothing to fear and nothing to run from but only this moment to be totally enveloped in.

Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation have been scientifically linked to stress reduction, pain relief and balancing blood pressure among many other benefits. Let us help you to cultivate a practice with others or on your own.