About Phi

I am a simple human.
I am a gypsy at heart.
I am healing and am a healer.
I want to offer you healing.
I want to heal the world.
All in that order.

Sometimes, I get way too complicated, creating messes that are great lessons. You can nod your head and laugh with me. I like to laugh. With time and experience, I’ve harmonized the gifts of East and West for a comprehensive system of healing, growth and transformation. In releasing the boundaries of my mixed cultural conditioning, in learning to step into my own freedom, my simple answer is kindness. In kindness, there is forgiveness. There is nothing to prove, just a world to explore. Kindness lets me stop. Kindness reminds me to breathe. Kindness says, “I am sorry.” without guilt, shame or blame. Kindness knows I am enough. Kindness paves the way for “a different kind of happy.”


As for timelines, I escaped Viet Nam with most of my family members in 1979.  After living in a refugee camp for about a year, we were sponsored to Blue Earth, MN, by some beautiful, kind, caring and generous people. I came equipped with three heavily accented English phrases, “Hello.  How are you?  Thank you.” but not a coat to keep away the winter chill.  Thank goodness our sponsors knew better and brought us all coats – me a green one lined with white fuzz to contrast my scrawny tanned face.

In 1998, when my second son was born, I retired from the world of banking and the 9-5 stress.  I started seeking for a different way of peace, of happiness.  I tried religion, found recovery, and landed cross-legged in meditation with my teacher Venerable Aggasami.  That was painful.  I’ve learned to make it easier for myself, and for others.  Phew!

In 2000, I went to my first retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh.  That was the first of many with him and his community of monks and nuns.  I am deeply inspired by his life, his work and his teachings of engaged spiritual practice.

In 2002, I tried yoga again with my third pregnancy.  With meditation under my belt, I discovered yoga was meditation in motion, loved it, combined it with hypno-birthing and had the best birthing experience of my life!  Inspired by how yoga positively impacted my body, mind, emotions and spirit during and post pregnancy, I got certified to teach.  I discovered the path of teaching was my greatest learning.  I feel so blessed, so grateful.

In 2007, I opened my first yoga studio with a business partner.  When that ended, I deepened my study in yoga, committing myself to study under Yogi Amrit Desai – completing his 200-hour Teacher Training Program, his 500-hour Teacher Training Program and his Yoga Nidra Professional Training Program.  I also studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Dr. Robert McDonald.  I became a life coach.


In 2008, I opened my own studio – Agame Yoga & Meditation Center in my home.  The name Agame honors my two main teachers – “Ag” for Venerable Aggasami; “am” for Yogi Amrit Desai and their teachings reflected through “me” (Ag-am-me).  In 2010, I renovated and built the current studio location on Acadian Thruway. I later donated to the yoga business to a 501(c)(3) for purpose organization, Ambassadors of Light.   We all deserve to enjoy great health, experience joy, and express with freedom. Money should not be a factor.  This is my desire for everyone in the world.  This desire comes from my own personal experience of receiving the kindness of strangers.  Truly, the kindness of strangers can change the trajectory of one’s life.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer and the people of Blue Earth, MN, for your kindness.  You rescued an unknown family from a refugee camp in Indonesia and gave us food, clothing, shelter, hope and possibility.  My family and I are forever grateful.

In 2013, I went to my first Ayurvedic Detox which totally shifted my body and opened me to a whole new dimension of knowledge for self-care, health, and healing.  And like the other things I’ve discovered and loved, I got certified.

As the nature of life is expansion, the comfort and ease of what I was doing simmered a deep desire for another shift.  In 2016, I took time off to go deeper in my practice.  With my body as the canvas, I explored different ways to experience yoga, feel energy, release unhealthy conditionings of the past, and to heal my body, mind, emotions and spirit.  I offered what I was experiencing in my yoga and meditation practices – which seemed to happen at all hours of the day – to my private clients with phenomenal results!  We’re rebuilding hips, mending shoulders, enhancing elasticity with knee surgeries from many years ago, releasing stuck energy, overcoming anxiety, relieving migraines and so much more!  With my CERR Method of Yoga and Influence, I have discovered a powerful and simple technology to empower each person so they can positively influence their body, mind, and heart.  In so doing, they free their spirit to live and create from within.

I am deeply inspired to guide you to innovate your minds and life beyond conditioned, limiting beliefs and habits, and to create a life that is truly your own.  And with kindness guiding the way, the journey is as fulfilling, as joyful and as rewarding, as the destination.  And so finally, by committing myself to learning and growing over the past eighteen years, by giving myself the permission to take a year off – to be a simple, stay-cation gypsy – I deepened my healing and grew as a healer.  All in that order.


Your past has shaped you, but it cannot define you. Set yourself free. -phi

The Magic of Healing

Where do you want to go in your life? What do you want to achieve to live your best life? How do you want to experience your journey? Phi can get you from where you are to where you want to be, and the journey is as rewarding as the destination. With practice and training in Concentration and Mindfulness Meditations (www.tathagata.org), Yoga & Yoga Nidra (www.amrityoga.com), The Destination Method Coaching System (www.teloscenter.com), Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation (www.amrityoga.com) and experience in Recovery Principles, Phi offers effective physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Much of what we suffer with in life is unnecessary, but that does not mean it’s not real when we are hurting. So whether you are confused, conflicted, sad, anxious, in physical or emotional pain, Phi can help you release unnecessary suffering and claim the life you were meant to live! Time with Phi is a deepening into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Phi’s extensive practice and training will help you address specific outcomes you want while creating internal changes that bring greater happiness, joy, peace, and freedom. Your inner evolution is the foundation for the direction, choices and actions you take in the world. As you develop a relationship with yourself, you get both the accomplishment of what you want and the experience you hope will come with it.

So invest in yourself and allow Phi to guide you to gain greater strength and flexibility, to move from confusion to clarity, to move through transitions with ease, to achieve specific goals, personal and professional, to deepen your relationships, to make important decisions without conflict, to gain beneficial life skills, to release sadness, to heal from resentments and fear, to release unhealthy attachments, to let go of unwanted beliefs, to heal physical ailments, to enjoy success and substance, to be at peace…to experience a different kind of happy.

To contact Phi, please email phi@agameyoga.com or call 225-636-1891.

Couple’s Yoga

Touch & intimacy are basic human needs. So get close to someone you care about with a Couple’s Yoga experience! Through carefully guided poses you share with one another, you will both enjoy a dynamic exchange to deepen & heighten your connection in a way that’s both meaningful & fun. Experience trust & communication as you support, share & listen to each other for an intimate, healing experience. By exploring physical give-and-take, you & your partner can dive deeply into the principles that govern successful, supportive friendships & loving relationships. Laughter & play are life’s fountains of youth, so come play & laugh together!


Contact Phi for packages and pricing

  • Off-site visits within Baton Rouge area incur additional cost based on location.
  • Cancellations require 48 hour notice; otherwise charged as an appointment.
  • Checks or cash only please; make checks payable to Phi Thuy Nguyen.


“When I was diagnosed with cancer, Phi was one of the greatest gifts to me. She helped me to visualize a healthy future. Things are now great. My health is doing well, and I’ll be 5 years cancer free next Spring! She was such a gift, and I could not have gone through that initial crisis without her. I’ve since moved away from Louisiana, but I think of Phi often and hear her calming voice!”
~K. Brown


“I have been working with Phi for a few months now. What started out as a simple question, “Why can’t I lose weight?” has become a journey that is much bigger and more important than my weight – a journey about my life experiences and how they have shaped me. I have been impressed with Phi’s compassion, professionalism and unique approach in helping me reach a much deeper understanding of what is behind my issues and allowing me to work through them in a loving and kind manner. I feel lighter in spirit and in body because of the work that I have done with Phi. I have lost 5 inches so far. My individual work with Phi has changed my life. I highly recommend her for any issue that you are facing.”
~D. Mobley


“My husband and I both appreciate Phi’s flexibility in working with ‘what we show up with.’ Her ability to quickly adapt a yoga session to address each of our individual needs as well as those needs we have as acouple is highly effective. Through our couples session we are learning to communicate better what we want to give and receive. We are grateful for Phi and the yoga & relationship practice she is offering to us!”
~F. & L. Harvey


“One of the best decisions I have made has been encouraging my 10 year old daughter to participate in a personal session with Phi. That ONE session has given my daughter self confidence and the tools to handle the every day stress of growing up. It has also allowed for a greater sense of peace within our home. THANKS PHI!!”
~L. L.


“Time with Phi is better than Zanex!”
~J. Roulston


“The first night I walked through the door of Agame and attended Phi’s Intro to Meditation class, I truly began my journey toward growth and healing. The gentle guidance, warm love, and acceptance that I have felt from Phi during private sessions have been indescribable in words. She has been supportive and nurturing through my ups and downs, detours, and sudden halts! She has taught me how to listen to my inner guide and how to come home to myself each time after I attempt to flee back to the old familiar. She has reminded and encouraged me to go back to my practice.”
~J. Strickland


“Having my first session with Phi was absolutely amazing! I saw a shift immediately in my behavior and in how I process information – very profound! I’ve been telling a lot of my friends about it. Phi is an amazing person and she does amazing work. Thank you so much Phi!”
~T. Boseman


“Phi has helped me gain an awareness on learning and mastering techniques to deal with daily stressors and challenges. Focusing on and practicing these teachings and skills have enabled me to create a more balanced approach to my daily routine. I truly recommend Phi to anyone wanting to experience growth and change.”
~R. Dotson


“My experience with Phi is like mental valium. I don’t know why I waited so long to enjoy yoga!”
~C. McMayon


“I came to Phi as a 66 year old woman looking for help with her chronic arthritis, stress, and anxiety. Over the past few months working with Phi in private sessions, I have been experiencing increasing health and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. Phi’s extensive training and experience along with her unique gift for the work have made a tremendous difference in my life.”
~M. Aguilar


“I was a classic yo-yo dieter, having lost and gained literally hundreds of pounds over the course of 28 years. Embarking on what I hoped would be my eighth and final weight loss journey, I enlisted Phi as my guide. Her unique mind-body approach to healing allowed me to confront and resolve the past traumas and limiting beliefs which were at the root of my long time eating disorder.Now for the first time in my life I feel I’ve made permanent and lasting changes to the way I think about food…and more importantly, how I think about myself. Yes, my body has changed and is considerably smaller and more fit, but thanks to Phi my way of thinking and “being” has seen the biggest change of all. Through Phi, I learned that my mind had to undergo changes in order for my body to follow suit. Once I understood I could actually reach into the depths of my mind and change my thought patterns and my programmed beliefs, my world opened up and the weight came off almost effortlessly. It was as though I could flip the weight-loss switch that for years was so elusive.
Over the years I have spent an inordinate amount of time and money on treatment plans offered through some of the best psychologists, psychiatrists, and hypnotherapists available. Their modalities were sometimes effective, but always for a limited amount of time. Eventually the bad feelings returned, bringing with them the desire to eat, the weight gain, disappointment, and resignation that I had once again failed. Not until I met Phi and was introduced to her meditation method did I find someone who could guide me down the path that would truly make a lasting difference in my life. With her understanding, her compassion, and her skillful guidance, I am now 101 pounds lighter than I was 3 years ago and have a renewed outlook on how I approach not only food, but life. To say the change in me has been profound is an understatement; my experience with Phi has been no less than life-altering. I am indeed the person I was 28 years ago, only better! I can say without a doubt and from the bottom of my heart that meeting and working with Phi has been one of the greatest gifts and blessings in my life. Thank you Phi. ♥ ”


“For years, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and hangups – most of which began from my upbringing – starting even prior to my birth. Growing up, I had no idea know how to identify or understand my feelings, yet I was consumed and controlled by them. I was powerless in my efforts to manage, or overcome the things that were preventing me from having the peace and freedom I desired. As I grew into my adult years, I came to realize that I was my own worst enemy, and sought help through counseling. Even after years of cognitive therapy, I always felt that there was a higher level of healing that I could never access through traditional therapy. I’m not saying that traditional therapy didn’t help me, because it has been a huge benefit. I just felt that there was a component missing, that was necessary to attain healing, acceptance, and freedom.

Around the time I turned 50 years old, everything about my life seemed to polarize. I became riddled with guilt, regret, and remorse, and experienced a sort of break down. I was scared, and desperate for direction, and answers. I sought peace and understanding on my own, through books, and through religion, but came to realize what I needed was spirituality. I expressed this to my therapist, and she suggested that I see Phi, for private sessions. Once I found myself at the doorstep of Agame, I fell into the comforting and healing arms of Phi.

The timing was right for me to take that step, and once I did, everything else seemed to fall into place. Like dominos – once you tip the first one, all of the rest fall into perfect alignment. From the very first time I met with Phi, I found myself immediately at ease. She is insightful, patient, and wise. It felt very natural to open up, and trust her. Through her guidance and direction, I have experienced a positive “shift” throughout my entire being, and in my life.

From Phi’s practice of guided therapeutic meditations, guided hypnosis, yoga nidra, and yoga poses, I have finally found the higher level I was searching for. Everything I experienced before, even what was painful, I’ve been able to put into perspective, and grow. Although it is an ongoing process (a “practice”), and sometimes emotionally painful, there is beauty in the end.”
~K. Tiner