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Agame Yoga & Meditation Center | a different kind of happy

To honor her teachers, Phi founded Agame (Ah-gahm-e) Yoga & Meditation Center, LLC. The word Agame brings together her teachers’ names & a reminder of their teachings as reflected and expressed through her (“Ag” of Aggasami & “am” of Amrit in “me”).

Agame is a Pali word which means “to come forward, to come again.”  This means we must first choose to come forward, to step onto the mat, and to commit ourselves to coming back again and again to deepen our practice and understanding.  The depth of yoga is experienced when we show up, allowing each of us the opportunity to experience our wholeness, our divinity. The yoga posture is a tool, a gateway to that experience.

May Agame be a refuge and shelter for you to come forward and enjoy a healthy vibrant, supportive community for healing and transformation towards happier living.  Namaste.

About Space Rental

Host your next event at Agame Yoga & Meditation Center! Our Facilities are available for meetings, luncheons, spiritual retreats, showers and receptions. For more information about rental possibilities, please call us at 225-400-9737.